I have no profession. I have a blank business card. I am and live

I work with people in a practical, earthly, realistic, direct and humoristic approach.

My gift is that I will let you experience your true self so that you can live your full potential.

The goal of my life  Is to be always connected to the field and bring to earth what is right and healing in this moment.

I live and work from a sjamanisc holistic perspective, inspired by the hawaian tradition

I am: A father, coach, consultant, human being, musicians, nerd, man, womb twin surivor, finder.

  • I’m always busy connecting the dots
  • I’m able to connect people and ideas.
  • I have a good connection with the earth and the cosmos

I love to connect. Maybe we have something in common? Curious? Interested?

Send an email to or connect on linkedin.